At Provent our mission is simple: treat our customers like family, and their home like our own.

To us it’s more than just killing bugs, it’s about a simpler life and a safer home. From same-day services to free re-services* – at Provent we have you covered. Using the industries best products were able to warranty your home year-round while being a child and pet friendly at the same time. To show you how confident we are in our service, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with keeping your home bug free we return as many times as you need completely FREE.* If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Discover the Provent difference today, and get a fast and free estimate!

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Eco Friendly Products

Our products are effective enough to take care of the bugs without doing harm the environment or hurting any of your vegetation.

Child & Pet Friendly Products

Our products are effective enough to take care of the bugs while at the same time being child, pet, and eco friendly.

Heat Resistant Products

Thanks to micro-encapsulated technology our products have multiple layers protecting them from heat, and other elements. So instead of paying your guy monthly or bimonthly, give us a shot and experience what it’s like to have a real quarterly service!


Essential Oil Products

For those of you who have an inner hippie like us at provent, look no further! We use some of the industries best essential oils that put out pheromones that push bugs not just out of your home, but completely off your property.


Licensed Professionals

At Provent we take pride in the simple things. From day one, we keep the same technician on you so we can get to know both you and your home better.

Free Reservices

We guarantee our work so if you see more bugs than expected, call us and we come back out to reservice completely free!

Same Day Service

While most companies have to schedule you out a day or two, we can get you done right away! At provent we always save room on our route for re-services or first time customers.

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Top Industry Experience

With some of the best experience in the industry, each of our professionals is trained not only how to treat your home right, but also how to treat YOU right.

Fast & Effective

No need to stay off the lawn for days at a time. Within less than an hour your kids and pets are free to roam the house and yard at will.

Inside & Out Warranty

Most companies just warranty the inside of the home – whether it’s inside the house, or clear out in the yard; at provent we got you covered.

Quarterly Service

Also, instead of doing 6-12 services each year and charging you each time, we come just once a season, and if you need us in-between; its no extra charge!

Provent Pest Control Treatment Areas

We Treat Where Others Don’t

Here at Provent, we want to ensure our customers satisfaction. That’s why we treat where other pest control companies don’t. We attack the eves, roof-lines, yard perimeter, and also other commonly infested areas; so that you receive the best service possible.

Natural Pest Control Options


Provent Pest Control is leading the industry in taking care of all those pesky unwanted guests. Also, our environmentally healthy control options are effective and even safe for children and pets. We are currently servicing Southern Utah and plan on branching out across the entire U.S. When you sign on with Provent, you will feel rest assured that your home is taken care of.


If these guys are seriously bugging you, know you’re not alone. Although they’re not as dangerous as other bugs, their ability to nest just about anywhere both inside and out and attract more through the spread of pheromones can be a frustration for any homeowner. Other than being all over your yard and nesting in your wall voids, ants can typically be found in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and basements.


Scorpions are arachnids, not insects as you would think. They are close relatives to spiders, mites and ticks. Equipped with a stinger, they are one of the most feared pests in Southern Utah. Scorpions may invade structures and crawl under any object that provides protection. Usually they’re hard to spot unless you use a black light when it’s dark.


Second to ants, roaches rule the Mojave desert region. Many people are unaware of the harm roaches can cause to your health. They can carry and spread diseases, trigger allergies and asthma attacks, carry parasites, and even contaminate food. Without professional experience, equipment, and product, taking care of roaches effectively is extremely difficult. At Provent, we specialize in not only getting rid of these guys, but actually preventing them completely.

More of the pests include


While most spiders aren’t dangerous, they can be an indicator of entry points, and a sign you have more pests. Brown recluse and black widow bits can cause serious harm depending on the size and health of the bit person. Spider webs are often the easiest sign and can be spotted around vents, ceiling corners, corners of rooms, under decks, under patio furniture, around window sills, under eaves, and in garage corners.


Found in almost every neighborhood across the country, there are thousands of different types of wasps. Unfortunately mud daubers are most common in the Mojave desert region. Once they’ve made their way onto your property, you can find their mud nests in trees, shrubs, underneath eaves, on porch ceilings, garages, sheds and attics.


Grasshoppers are worst known for the damage they do while eating. They have strong chewing mouth parts and a ferocious appetite. At Provent we specialize in treating the yard, and playing offensive instead of just defense like most companies. Part of our secret is covering your grass with granules to take care of grasshoppers and anything else trying to breed in your yard.

Mice & Voles

Mice, rats, and voles not only can cause damage to your property, but can be a hazard to your health. Mice are typically found in garages or near food sources. Voles are typically found in the yard and can be spotted by tracks in your lawn. Its paramount that we thoroughly inspect your home, garage, and yard for any of these rodents and treat appropriately.

Client Testimonials

Ariana Button

Nick was amazing at starting my service. He was so friendly. Bryce was my tech and he was wonderful. Took his time to spray my major concerning areas. Better than my previous bug guy, the price is great as well!

Ashley Astle

I love Provent Pest Control. Our guy is very friendly when he comes, he’s respectful to the property, and the products Provent uses for the inside of the house smell amazing! I definitely appreciate the service because my home is quite old and tends to attract many creepy crawlers. Everyone I’ve met so far at Provent is wonderful. Keep up the great work!

Kelsi McMullin

Very friendly and informative. They use essential oils inside which is great for my dogs as well as my kids. They not only spray my foundation and around my walls, but all the rock beds and grass. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Falzone Photo

Nick came to our home to tell us about his product. Immediately we were impressed by his kindness and professionalism. We signed up with his company and even paid for the year because we knew this was the kind of company we wanted to work with. Nick spent over an hour with us answering questions and explaining his services. Right after completing our agreement he sent Bryce over to service our home. Bryce is very kind and respectful, if you have any questions or concerns he?ll explain it thoroughly, even if it?s in the middle of his job. This team is excellent and I would highly recommend them over any other company that comes knocking on your door. We were comfortable to sign a contract, pay the year in advance over any other company that we have had. Since then we have been serviced twice with no issues

Lowell Penrod

Bryce is FANTASTIC!! Today he also treated for scorpions. He will actually drop everything to come to our rescue with whatever new pests we may encounter. He is so friendly and pleasant to work with, and we really feel like he treats us like family. Thank You Bryce!

Cherie Best

I have been so impressed with Provent Pest Control. The other day I noticed we were starting to get a trail of ants in the yard. I called to get an appointment because I knew our regular appointment was not for a few weeks. The technician was wonderful and said he’d be able to come by in the next twenty minutes. After he sprayed the area, I have not seen another ant! SUCCESS! Talk about AMAZING service! I highly recommend Provent Pest Control.

Tonya Smith

I texted Provent Pest Control this morning and they asked what time worked for me today. They were on time and extremely thorough with the job. Not only did the tech treat the inside and garage, but he also went above what I asked and treated the outside all the way to my cinder block wall. He was amazing! I am so glad I switched to Provent Pest Control!

Brooke Grieve

We have been so happy since we switched to Provent Pest Control. Fantastic company! Very thorough, friendly and their products work. Thank you Bryce and Nick!


Provent is the best pest control company I have ever used. Their prices are very fair, they respond quickly and their service is more extensive than any other. I highly recommend Provent.

Kendall Haskell

Provent is a great pest control company. I have never purchased pest control before because it never seemed like a good deal or the person selling it wasn’t very genuine or professional. Nick was awesome and answered all of my questions. He made me feel like the service I was getting would be worth it

Joann Lambert

Very personable and professional in all aspects. I liked and appreciated that he wore booties over his work boots. Will definitely recommend Provest to my neighbors.

Trisha Lira

I am so glad that we started service with Provent, the tech is very friendly and clearly explained everything. He answered all my questions and made sure that everything was taken care of before leaving. So far very happy. If you need a bug company, call PROVENT!

Stephanie Peralta

I have had the same bug guy for 2 years he was great but I have struggled getting rid of the roaches. Alex came and sprayed my house a month ago and again today, in that month I have seen roaches dead left and right and seen less and less every day. Thank you for helping us beat these critters. They are extremely informative and answer all questions. I am glad you guys came knocking when you did

Donovan Winters

Provent did a great job! Showed up on time, treated around the house and asked if I wanted them to come inside. The Tech was friendly and very professional. They even granulated my grass to help with those bugs that were eating my lawn! We couldn?t be happier! It was also a huge plus that they are locally owned and operated. We love to support local, small businesses. Thanks Provent.

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